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In 2013, a group of dedicated and devoted parents, educators, community providers and youth decided that they could no longer stand by and watch the lack of options available to help our youth, families and schools struggling with mental illness. We recognize that schools have high expectations to serve students but are poorly equipped to support the intensive need. We are aware that our community has minimal supports and programming available to meet student and family needs.


Our group has quickly grown as has the need for our services in Iowa and beyond. Everything we do is research and

evidence-based to make sure that our work is providing the best outcomes for everyone involved. Our philosophy is a comprehensive approach that acknowledges in order to improve the quality of life for young people struggling with mental illness, we need to provide education and support to the youth, their families, their schools and their community.

PLEASE PASS THE LOVE is committed to increasing school mental health (SMH) supports to improve the quality of life

and educational opportunities for children, families, and educators as well as offer culturally responsive comprehensive

services and evidence-based supports to school systems. We strive to bridge positive relationships between the educational

and mental health communities to more effectively prevent and address mental health issues for our children

and adolescents throughout the state of Iowa.

We believe school mental health needs to be comprehensive in order to address the complex and varied needs.  Everything we do revolves around students, staff, families and community, because we know that effective school mental health is not one training or event. It is a climate transformation that benefits everyone. 

We are here for you, for your family, for your school and your community.

Please let us know how we can help you.

School Speaking Events

We offer a variety of trainings and speaking events.  Our youth leaders present to schools, churches and community agencies about their lived experiences and basic mental health education.  We have a suggested fee for our services, but we will never turn away a group for financial reasons. LEARN MORE!

Educator Training

Our professionals offer a variety of trainings and educational opportunities to teachers, parents, and community providers. We have a suggested fee for our services, but we will never turn away a group for financial reasons. LEARN MORE!

SMH Conference

Every fall we sponsor the Iowa School Based Mental Health Conference. This conference provides the latest research on a variety of school mental health topics.   When the registration link is available it can be found on our main home page. LEARN MORE!

Teens for LOVE
Stomp out Stigma

At Please Pass the Love, we believe in the power of the youth voice! That's why we created Stomp Out Stigma. As a young person, you have the ability to make effective and lasting changes in your school. We work with you to help develop and build leadership skills needed to create a school climate that is welcoming to everyone. Our goal is for every student to walk through their school doors feeling loved, safe, empowered, and supported. YOU are the key to making those changes. Join us today to Stomp Out Stigma and make your school a better place for all! LEARN MORE!


The intention of the Iowa School Mental Health Alliance is to bring together a large number of diverse stakeholders, beyond just decision makers, to have a better understanding of what school mental health in Iowa looks like, what is currently being done, assess target goal areas, develop a sustainable statewide action plan, and to create an ongoing community of practice to progress the school mental health work. LEARN MORE!


Please Pass the Love provides students, parents, and educators with resources and tools to improve social, emotional, and behavioral health in the school, the home, and beyond. Resources available for depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, trauma, eating disorders, and more. 


Who We've Worked With

Check out all of the amazing schools we've worked with and communities we've impacted! Are you interested in joining the list of who we've worked with? Check out our comprehensive, customized services for school mental health!


"It has been an honor and privilege to work with Jen over the last several years. She has shown great compassion for a very fragile but resilient mental health population in our state and school system.  She is a great advocate and passionate about improving access and decreasing the stigma of mental health.  I have been involved in her conferences and watched her setup a solid curriculum helping educate a variety of people involved in delivering mental health. She is a true leader in our state with her work and future vision."

- Dr. Sasha Khosravi | Medical Director, Mercy Neurology and Psychiatry Center

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