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The last year has been immense growth and so many celebrations. You have given us your time, love, and resources. Together we are changing the landscape of school mental health so that our students, families, and educators do not have to suffer and trudge through in silence.  We have worked with over 5,000 young people, educators, administrators, and so many more in our programs, training, and collaborations. We hung 30,000 suicide crisis hotline stickers across hundreds of schools. Over 750 people attended the 7th Annual Midwest Mental Health Conference, and we sold out with almost 600 young people at the 1st Annual Youth Stomp Out Stigma Conference. We couldn't do this without you.  

It was 10:30p on a Thursday night and when her friend texted her he wanted to die, Eliza knew from her PPTL youth leadership training she had to do something. Her mom wasn't home so she took a risk and messaged PPTL staff.  Together they called local law enforcement.  Eliza saved a life that night. 

Manny was excited when his teacher told him about a conference on mental health just for young people, but he didn't let on how excited with anyone else.  He always told everyone that he was fine and his parents were just over-worrying by making him go to a therapist at school.  Listening to a musician and professional athlete talk about their struggles with depression was a game-changer.  "I didn't know other people felt like I did." Manny is now a Stomp Out Stigma leader at his school.  "I don't want kids to think they have to do this alone."  

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