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Shopping in the Please Pass the Love Merch Store is the perfect way to show your support of mental health and to help provide quality resources and mental health services to area youth! Proceeds from every purchase made goes back to helping Please Pass the Love provide students, schools, educators, and parents the tools they need to see a positive impact in mental health. 

Please Pass the Love is a unique organization

that is more than a non-profit.  We recognize

that every person has value and worth.  

Our philosophy is that relationships are essential to much of our success as humans, in schools, and in life.  We seek to model the climate of caring that we seek to see in our schools and our world.  We know that you have tremendous skills and heart that will help us improve the quality of life for countless young people and create positive school cultures.

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Currently, Iowa has a very ad hoc approach to school mental health with a variety of agencies and entities doing amazing work, but lack of an organized system to maximize on best practice

as well as communication and understanding. The intention of this opportunity is to bring together a large number of diverse stakeholders, beyond just decision makers, to have a better understanding of what school mental health in Iowa looks like, what is currently being done, assess target goal areas, develop a sustainable statewide action plan, and to create an ongoing community of practice to progress the school mental health work. 


We are excited to launch a teacher appreciation campaign with ecards! In an uncertain, hectic, and scary year, our educators are on the frontlines. Often underappreciated, we want to make sure they are feeling the love this year! Click on the link below to see our choices of FREE ecards to send to your teachers, school admins, support staff, and others!

We LOVE Teachers!

The Please Pass the Love blog is a safe place where individuals who haVe experiences regarding mental health can share stories and information with one another. Bloggers can write about any mental health related topic they choose. It can be their own experiences, how mental health has impacted others, or how someones else's mental health has impacted them. 


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