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For most students, the classroom is a safe place where they can express themselves as individuals while being surrounded by a support system. However, there are times when students struggle, and this page is dedicated to helping lessen those times. Here there will be information and resources on how to reduce stigma in the classroom, ways to improve time-management skills, how to calm panic attacks, and more. 

How to Reduce Stigma

Stigma is the negative connotation associated towards mental health. In today's society, mental health is not casually talked about. However, with proper education and a little bit of kindness, together the world can be a more accepting place. This education needs to begin at an early age.

Need ideas on how?

  • Encourage students to talk about the way they're feeling

    • For younger children, ​use a mood chart and discuss why they chose the mood they did

    • For older children, introduce the common disorders and open the conversation up to more serious information

  • Introduce mindfulness activities into the morning routine 

    • Kindness cards - have each student write something kind to another student​

    • "Quiet time" - students can read, draw, listen to music for 30-50 minutes that allows students to take a mental break

    • Stretching and breathing activities

  • ​​Don't be afraid to recommend counselors or psychiatrists to students who need additional support

    • Talk to the school counselor, get advice, and inform students

25 Mindfulness Activities

Simple Mindfulness Activities

How to Calm Panic Attacks

  • Create a cue

    • Communicate with students at the beginning of the school year and address any mental health concerns​ they may have

    • Use a cue (a specific hand movement, a word, etc.) that a student can use to help make aware of an incoming panic attack

    • Help the student find a safe location they can go to privately when the panic attack begins

  • Learn the correct techniques

    • Breathing techniques are a huge way to help ground someone having a panic attack.

      • Have the student sit with their back against the wall, with one hand on their stomach, another on their heart​​​

      • Have the student focus on their hand placements while they inhale and exhale. The hand on the stomach should extend.

      • The student should inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 5, exhale for 4. Repeat until the panic subsides

    • Counting rituals are also a way to distract a student experiencing a panic attack

      • Have the student count backwards from 100​

      • Help the student count how many tiles are in the room

      • Help the student identify 5 things they can SEE, 4 things they can HEAR, 3 things they can TOUCH, 2 things they can SMELL, and 1 thing they can TASTE.

  • Talk with a slow and calm voice

    • Allow the student to voice what they're feeling and are anxious about​

    • Listen without judgement, keep eye contact, and nod with encouragement to continue

    • Talk through the panic attack with them

      • "You can do this...."​

      • "Anxiety can't hurt you..."

      • "This will pass, you are in control..."

Time Management in the Classroom 

Teaching time management is a hard task to complete, especially to young children.  Older children have a good idea on how to properly manage their time, with a few who need help now and then. 

For younger children,

  • Create a game with a reward for those who finish their tasks in the right amount of time

  • Create a work wheel, complete with pictures and details on what each child is to do

  • Pass out a low-costing agenda for each child

    • Help them write down daily homework and activities due, make sure it gets signed by parent and brought back

For older children,

  • Help students with organizing agendas either online or hands-on

  • "Student of the Week"

    • A different student is rewarded each week for staying on top of assignments and activities

  • A coupon book, as a reward

    • The student who receives "Student of the Week" gets a coupon book​

      • ​Things like "One Free Assignment", "One ​​Free Opt. Out", "One Off-Campus Lunch", etc. 

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