The Youth Leadership Summit for 2021 will be separated into two dates across the state of Iowa. Bringing the best to your area! 

Des Moines - November 6

Sioux City - November 13

Please Pass the Love is proud to announce the fourth annual Let Love Lead Youth Leadership Summit. Instead of one long weekend the Please Pass the Love team has created two one day summit's across the state of Iowa. Bring the best parts of the summit right to your door. Join us in either Des Moines on November 6th or Sioux City on November 13th. 


No leadership experience is required, but a desire to be a leader is essential. There are a limited number of registrations so be sure to register before we are full!

The main focus for this event is to give student leaders the tools and guidance to improve school climate and help make their schools a place where every student feels welcomed, loved, and supported.  The entire day is filled with skill-training in the areas of leadership, self-reflection, cultural awareness/LGBTQ, social-emotional learning, coping skills, communication, relationship building, how to help friends who are struggling, and so much more. There is also time for processing and reflection both in small groups and individually throughout the day.  We will be preparing students to go back to their school/district and make a positive change. It starts with you! We believe that youth have a powerful voice that needs to be heard. 

Registration Details Coming Soon! 

Email info@pleasepassthelove.org with questions

What are youth leaders saying about the summit?

"Leaving this camp I’m taking many valuable life lessons and experiences. I made many friends and I met people that I never would have the chance to if not for this summit. We did many leadership activities where I learned characteristics and actions of a leader. However, far more important I learned about myself. I learned that I am not alone in my personal struggles. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone and I’m all the better for it. Most important I learned that it’s okay to open about what is hurting you. Some people do care."


"The simple fact that I am NOT alone. You connect in some way with people at the summit. I wish it was longer, I do not want to leave. I’m taking with me the silent bond between all of us. I grew in confidence and hopefulness for the future school climate."



"From this experience, I am going to take away better leadership and communication skills. I’ve learned how to talk, be vulnerable, and how to better listen to others. I think over this long weekend I’ve grown more as a person than I have in the past couple of years."



"I definitely grew as a speaker and as a leader. This opportunity taught me to not be afraid to voice my opinion and to try to make a change in my school."



"This has been an incredible experience. I’ll take away from this all the returning opportunities we were give and the knowledge I now have. I will always remember how safe of a space this was. It’s easy to fold into yourself and keep your insecurities internalized. This weekend I realized that the people around me all have their struggles, too and there is power in being vulnerable."



"Through the discussions and workshops this weekend I’ve learned a lot about how to start creating a community of respect and love at my school. I’ve made new friends and learned valuable skills I can’t wait to implement in my everyday life."



"This weekend I’ve grown in my awareness of people of all walks of life and I feel I am better prepared to start discussions at my schools, encouraging others to be open and caring. I have more respect for others and am better equipped to open myself up and start the conversation."