Host an event

Ideas include self-care events, card writing marathons, or competitions like trivia. Host a great event for your business, and help Please Pass the Love save the lives of young Iowans.   


Every donation to the campaign helps us work with more school communities and youth to improve school climate, culture, and mental health awareness.   

October 10th Green Out Day!

Green is the color for mental health awareness so no matter where you work, go to school,  or volunteer in the community, organize everyone to go big in green to raise mental health awareness!  Take pictures, post, and tag them #passthelove

Create a corporate fundraiser

Make it a competition between coworkers (donation competitions) or give yourselves a reason to have some fun! Some ideas might include raffles, food fundraisers, tailgates, bingo, or any idea you have to raise money for a good cause  

Create a business fundraiser

Designate a menu item or certain night of the week to have a percentage of revenue given to PPTL or create a green  (color for mental health awareness) item to specifically sell to raise mental health awareness!   

Ding Dong Ditch the Stigma

Make a video of yourself talking about why mental health is important to you and encouraging people to donate to Please Pass the Love. Then make a nice card with a treat and film yourself leaving it on the front steps of your neighbor or friend as you "Ding Dong Ditch the Stigma!" Be sure to use the tagline "Halloween is scary, but mental health doesn't have to be!" Then nominate a few of your friends to keep it going! 


Cards For Kids

Set up a card making station where people can write short get well cards to young people in behavioral health units  across the state.  Last year, our goal was 1,500 cards, and we received over 6,000! 


1.  Grab some paper, cards, markers, stickers, and whatever else you want to use to make these!

2. Don't use envelopes! (We have to screen all of the cards)

3. Consider opening up student stations to also make cards

4. Send them to 901 Walnut St. #631 DSM, IA 50309 when you're done! 

What should my card include?

Remember that a mental illness is a medical condition like asthma or diabetes, so many of the same things you would say to some in any get well card would apply here.  Ask yourself what would you want someone to say to you without any judgment and keeping in mind that no one has control over mental health any more than they do any other medical condition. 

·        I'm thinking of you, and I hope you get well soon!

·        Remember you are never alone.

·        I hope that you are getting a lot of rest, and your body is healing.

·        Thank you for being here.  You make our world a better place.

·        You are loved. I promise. 

·        You don't have to feel strong all of the time. 

·        It does get better! 

·        I'm sending you big hugs.

·        You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Let us know what you're doing to get involved!

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21% of Iowa youth have seriously thought about suicide in the last year and over 20% suffer from a mental illness. This is your chance to save and change lives.  Every donation allows Please Pass the Love to work with more young people to educate and empower them with vital training, awareness & programs.  Join us in the fight to save and change lives in Iowa! #passthelove 

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