All of a sudden-She could breathe again.

Trigger warning: Depression and Suicide

Written by: Amber Dismutè—OCD, Depression, Anxiety 

If you are hurting right now this message is for you. 

It's not easy and the pain is so real. There are times we feel as if we were left at sea. 

No life jacket in sight, just the waves crashing over us and with every breathe we feel we are swallowing more and more. Drowning is an under statement and the more we try to swim to shore the more we are pushed under and deeper. 

Thoughts are we'll never make it out alive, there is no end in sight. Why fight anymore..I've got nothing left. 

The fear of leaving loved ones behind is heart wrenching but I feel I can't bare to share another breath in this life I am living. 

When all of a sudden the water could this be? I was just lost, drowning at sea, watching my life flash before my eyes and all of a sudden I'm standing where I once sunk and my breath is real no waves in sight...just when I thought it was over...I found out I was really just given life. 

My faith now stronger than I ever knew because God so loved me he gave his son so I could have new. 

With every breath I now breathe life and existence to place I thought I didn't belong. 

Those trouble waters never stood a chance as he sought me out all along. So here I stand with another day before me. Not knowing what he has in store for me, but knowing my life his for his glory. 

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