Eviction Notice

By Amber Dismute

Anxiety and Stress got my feeling like a mess

Feelings of feeling like I’ll never catch a breath

When will you go—I never invited you to stay

You aren’t welcome here—yet you keep reappearing

Trying to steal my peace, my joy, my every good feeling

I am not with it—no I am not about you taking my life

But here you are again like a thief in the night

But you don’t just come at that time—you try to make me feel like I’ll never amount to anything

Trapped in my own mind and body, can’t move, can’t think

I close my eyes and count back as I breathe, trying to search for a reason you appeared

Then I remember—you were never welcomed to be here

One day you will go—and you’ll never return

My hope is that day is sooner—rather than later

But I’m not in charge of when you come—just how long you stay

Consider this your eviction notice—I am back—you aren’t welcome here

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