SSB 3020 is now SF 2081

Updated: Jan 27, 2020


SSB 3020 is now SF 2081 and has been added to Senate calendar for Tuesday.

Senate File 2081, by committee on Education, a bill for an act relating to the inclusion of the telephone and text numbers for the your life Iowa program on public school student identification cards and including applicability provisions. Please email your House reps now letting them know this is building momentum and you want their support if it gets to them. The House counterpart is not moving, so please take a minute to email your House Reps!

Other bills to watch in Senate not from ISMHA priorities:

SF 2071 Introduced 1/23/20

Senate File 2071, by Mathis, Celsi, Bolkcom, Ragan, Jochum, T. Taylor, Petersen, J. Smith, Giddens, and Boulton, a bill for an act relating to a mental health service providers competitive grant program for school districts and area education agencies, reducing state aid to area education agencies, and making an appropriation.


Sponsored by Mathis, an act for excused absences from school for student mental health needs


HF 2049 Introduced 1/21/20 not assigned to subcommittee

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There are several updates, but we need to give specific attention and request action on a new bill SSB 3080 surrounding violence in classrooms. You can find out more about the specifics from the bill

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