Stay by Madeline Rummel

*Trigger Warning* Depression, Suicide

Stay for the feeling during your favorite song.

Stay for waiting in lines that aren’t long.

Stay for the first cup of coffee of the day.

Stay for the blooming flowers in May.

Stay for sheets straight from the dryer.

Stay for swinging on a tire.

Stay for talks that last all night.

Stay for savoring the very last bite.

Stay for the first time you read a book.

Stay for learning how to cook.

Stay for starting your very own blog.

Stay for long walks with your dog.

Stay for swimming in the tides.

Stay for tickles & and piggy-back rides.

Stay for babies with hair that’s curled.

Stay for traveling around the world.

Stay for a game of catch with your brother.

Stay for a great big hug from your mother.

Stay for sunsets with someone you love.

Stay for soft rains from above.

Stay for all of your friends in town.

Stay when darkness weighs you down.

Stay when you see an end in sight.

Stay when it seems too hard to fight.

Stay when your brain’s full of negative chatter.

Stay when it feels like you don’t matter.

Stay when your heart is full of sorrow.

Stay for the chance of a better tomorrow.