By Amber Dismute

This is what you do—I wake up and try to find a new day

A new reason to feel saved and grateful for what I have

Yet you enter in through every muscle in my body and make it ache

You enter in my brain and my thoughts gravitate all around me

Like a billion of swarming bees surrounding me

My head begins to pound, and my heart begins to race

You think you’ve won my battle over this day

Then I try to remember you can’t take what I own

As I try to relate, and remember what I’m taught from every therapy session

Ohh how I hate that this is a daily battle, why must I have to fight over and over again

Are you my Goliath and am I David and if so when will it end

Whether today or tomorrow it is a win when I hit the bed

The next day I’ll wake up and do it all over again -Taker

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