The Mask by Madi Rummel

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

*Trigger Warning* Depression

She woke up each morning with tear-stained cheeks

after crying herself to sleep for weeks.

She rolled out of bed and looked in the mirror,

afraid that she would see her worst fear.

Before anyone could have the chance to ask,

she stood up straight and put on her mask.

The outside of the mask holds a perfect smile,

though she’s been hurting inside for a while.

The purpose of the mask is to hide what she’s feeling,

to protect a mind and heart that’s healing

from day after day of insisting, “I’m fine,” 

while the twinkle in her eye slowly loses its shine.

She goes to school and her smile gleams,

she’s a perfect girl, or so it seems.

“You’re always so happy,” is what they say,

though they’ve never walked in her shoes for a day.

She goes to work with her mask on tight

until the end of the day is in sight.

She trudges home and walks through the door,

peeling off the mask that she wore.

She goes back to the mirror and looks into her eyes,

as they continue to tell her lies.

They tell her that she is alone

with no one calling on her phone.

They tell her that she isn’t strong,

though she can’t admit they’re wrong.

They tell her that she isn’t brave,

despite the impression that she gave.