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Youth voice is a powerful tool that isn't used or listened to nearly enough! We are so excited to announce that our Youth Advisory Board will be launching a new live video series called Real Talk. 

Throughout these live Instagram and YouTube videos, we will interview other teens, professionals in the field, activists, teachers, and others who are undoubtedly making a huge impact on this world. 

We are hoping to launch this series in September. Please check back for more information! 

Have ideas on videos, topics, or guest speakers you would like to see? Shoot us an email at and let us know!

Click on the images below to view our videos. 

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YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH feat.Ellie Huber and Alex Ivy Stansberry

TW: suicide and mental illness.


Ellie and Alex from the Please Pass the Love Youth Advisory Board share their personal experience with mental illness and give you a youth perspective so that you can better support young people who struggle.

THE EFFECTS OF SUICIDE feat.Tatum Lillibridge and Ellie Huber


TW: Suicide and mental illness.


Tatum and Ellie from the Please Pass the Love Youth Advisory Board talk with Brian Carico about teen suicide. Brian is a school administrator in Iowa and also lost his son to suicide in 2012. Brian talks about how we can help young people who may be struggling or contemplating suicide.


SPECIAL OLYMPICS IOWA feat.Libby Albright and Ellie Huber

Ellie and Libby from the Please Pass the Love Youth Advisory Board talk with Bryan Coffey about Special Olympics Iowa. Byan is the Director of Unified Programs and works towards inclusivity-based programing. Hear about what SOI does in Iowa and how you can get involved. Ellie and Libby have both volunteered for SOI in the past and have nothing but good memories to share.

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HOW TO DEAL WITH TEEN STRESS feat.Sophia Schillinger and Maggie Patten 

TW: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders


Sophia and Maggie from the Please Pass the Love Youth Advisory Board talk about how to deal with stress and self-care techniques. Listen to their amazing stories and tricks on how to deal with mental illness.