To find resources for youth on a variety of mental health topics like depression, stress, anxiety, and more visit our Youth Resources.


Families that understand and discuss mental health openly have a stronger chance of improving instances of negative social, mental, or behaviroal mental health. To find resources for families on topics like depression, anxiety, stress, and more, visit our Family Resources.


Understanding the signs, setting a precedent for mental health in the classroom, and practicing proper screening techniques are important in creating an improved school environment for everyone. For educator resources on communication, screening, and reducing stigma, visit our Educator Resources.

Find Help

We know that at times, you may need help but don't know where to look. By contacting these resources and gathering information you will be able to find the right fit for you. There are many groups, services, and people that care and that are willing to help. We are very proud that you are taking this step! The most important thing is to remember you are not alone. Visit our Find Help Resources for a list of community, state, and nationwide therapy and support resources.


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