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Resources During Covid-19 for Youth, Families & Schools

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Iowa Counseling Refugee Center is now accepting clients for telehealth and can work with anyone in the state of Iowa. Find more information here!

Iowa Survivor of Suicide Loss Support Groups

Resources for School Systems:

  1. MHTTC: Responding to Public Health Emergencies:

  2. CDC: Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Childcare Programs and K-12 Schools .

  3. SAMHSA: Toolkit – National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care: Best Practices Toolkit

  4. National Center for School Mental Health: Includes resources on general resources, school support, stress management, resources for families, and telehealth.


Resources for Educators and Other Professionals:

From MHTTC: Free online courses! Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities and the University of Pennsylvania are offering over 450 free online courses right now. The following are the courses we think the school mental health field may find interesting:


Visual learning: We’re a big fan of Trauma Geek, a blog that offers great visuals from Janae Elisabeth, a researcher-storyteller and neurodiversity advocate from western North Carolina. The latest set of graphics released in March, Neuroception and the 3 Part Brain , offers visuals on neuroception (subconscious processing of safety and risk), co-regulation, and the triune brain.


Blog: On the podcast Leading Equity, we’re enjoying episode 128: How School Leaders Can Place An Equity-Oriented Lens On Social-Emotional Learning . The episode features Kate Kennedy, a school leadership and education policy scholar, focused on politics and equity in K-12 public education. Specific topics of interest include social-emotional learning, care, and teachers' unions. Kate is a former teacher and now a doctoral candidate at the USC Rossier School of Education.  


Telehealth Resources:

From PSMHTTC:  Check out the TRC to access technical assistance, education, and additional resources.



  1. Time to breathe!:

  2. Take care of your own anxiety: Taking care of your own anxiety

  3. Taking care of your own mental health,-then-practical


Articles for Families on Supporting Children’s Social-emotional Health:

  1. Kids School is Closed so Now What?:

  2. SEL Ideas for Home Learning:

  3. How to Support Early Elementary Learning at Home:

  4. Using journals for Middle School Students

  5. Bilingual resources for helping children cope during Covid-19:

  6. Parents’ Guide to Meeting the Challenge During Covid-19:


Social-emotional learning resources:

  1. Casel is the national expert on SEL. Great resources:

  2. Activities, games, very well organized:

  3. Who doesn’t love PBS?:

  4. SEL lesson plans and activities:

  5. SEL activities:

  6. 25 SEL integrative ideas:

  7. Understood is a wealth of knowledge on everything from LD to ADHD. Here are some fun games:

  8. This blog is one of the most comprehensive we could find with a TON of good looking stuff:

  9. A lot of great resources very well organized:

  10. Go Indiana DOE for putting this amazing resource together with a ton of great academic and social emotional resources:

  11. A ton of free ed tech resources:

  12. Another outstanding resource put together by a school with a variety of outstanding behavioral health and well-organized:

  13. Look for the social emotional health options:

  14. This is mostly academic, but parents it’s a solid resource: Khan Academy:

  15. Leader in Me has put together a variety of resources for families & educators:



  1. Our partners have a lot of great stuff and find their yoga online:

  2. Teen Wellness Guide

  3. Child Mind is always a win with stellar resources:

  4. Mindfulness apps:

  5. Free mindfulness resources:

  6. Mindfulness for kids and adults:

  7. Tons of great resources:

storms Don't last forever #SDLF