1. Time to breathe!:

  2. Take care of your own anxiety: Taking care of your own anxiety

  3. Taking care of your own mental health,-then-practical


Articles for Families on Supporting Children’s Social-Emotional Health:

  1. Kids School is Closed so Now What?:

  2. SEL Ideas for Home Learning:

  3. How to Support Early Elementary Learning at Home:

  4. Using journals for Middle School Students

  5. Bilingual resources for helping children cope during Covid-19:

  6. Parents’ Guide to Meeting the Challenge During Covid-19:


Social-Emotional Learning Resources:

  1. Casel is the national expert on SEL. Great resources:

  2. Activities, games, very well organized:

  3. Who doesn’t love PBS?:

  4. SEL lesson plans and activities:

  5. SEL activities:

  6. 25 SEL integrative ideas:

  7. Understood is a wealth of knowledge on everything from LD to ADHD. Here are some fun games:

  8. This blog is one of the most comprehensive we could find with a TON of good looking stuff:

  9. A lot of great resources very well organized:

  10. Go Indiana DOE for putting this amazing resource together with a ton of great academic and social emotional resources:

  11. A ton of free ed tech resources:

  12. Another outstanding resource put together by a school with a variety of outstanding behavioral health and well-organized:

  13. Look for the social emotional health options:

  14. This is mostly academic, but parents it’s a solid resource: Khan Academy:

  15. Leader in Me has put together a variety of resources for families & educators:



  1. Our partners have a lot of great stuff and find their yoga online:

  2. Teen Wellness Guide

  3. Child Mind is always a win with stellar resources:

  4. Mindfulness apps:

  5. Free mindfulness resources:

  6. Mindfulness for kids and adults:

  7. Tons of great resources: