School Training

This section is designed for our partner schools that have hired us to help them develop comprehensive school mental health systems.  Email us for pricing! 

Step One: What do I do if I want PPTL to work with our school/district?

Email us at for prices . Due to high volumes of requests for the one hour training, we are currently creating an online hour training. Package one is no longer available.

Step Two: Complete School Mental Health Readiness Assessment

In order for us to create sustainable, strong systems for your school, we need to collect some baseline data. Using your school action team (for some schools that may be two people and others it is many more and that is okay), go through this assessment and indicate if you have implemented, partially implemented, or have not implemented each area. Most schools have not implemented much yet, and we fully expect that. It is an honest starting point for us to build on together. Depending on how many people are part of the action team completing this, the assessment can take 10-30 minutes. We would also recommend that someone in the team also take notes on conversations that may come from completing this. Those notes can be important for action planning. Complete the assessment here.

Step Three: Comprehensive Data Collection

Your school is unique and special. You have incredible strengths that we want to build on and target areas that may be different than other schools. In order, to use a laser focus to develop an intensive action plan, we want to collect data that provides the team with a comprehensive picture of what school mental health looks like at your school. We see this as data to celebrate. This is absolutely not used to judge anyone. We know that we are in a state without a children's mental health system and that can tragically impact a school system. We are here to help , and we are in this together. Ideally, we like to collect data from staff, students (middle and high school), and parents. Please remember to email us ( when your data collection is done and set-up an appointment for your action planning meeting. We wait for you before compiling data, so that we do not accidentally close it too soon or keep it open too long. Please plan approximately one hour for our action planning meeting. It can be done with us in person or via technology. ​​ Staff Assessment Parents Assessment Students Assessment

Step Four: Action Planning

Remember to email us when your data is closed. We will not compile and analyze your data until you have notified us when everyone is done. At the first action meeting, we will look over the data, and identify your teams strengths and areas your team wants to target. Then depending on time, we will continue to look at a three year action plan and begin to decide which areas are priorities for each year. After the action plan is completed, we will work with you to create action steps. ​ If this cannot be completed in one meeting, we will work to determine if additional meetings or conference calls are necessary to meet your needs.

Step Five: Intensive Training

Training is very relevant and beneficial for teachers, administrators, support staff, AEA staff, and anyone in a school setting working with students. Since we know we are trying to build a comprehensive and well-rounded system that meetings the needs of all students, our first training we require before any additional or advanced training is School Mental Health Literacy. This half or full day training incorporates a variety of critical topics that set a solid foundation for any school. Topics included are basic mental health information, suicide prevention, trauma-informed care, educator self-care, student voice/coping skills/expression, and classroom as well as building strategies. This training is jam-packed with important information for all school professionals. After staff have completed this training, we can return for a variety of training sessions to meet the needs of the school such as racial/cultural trauma, anxiety & ADHD, MTSS & Mental Health, creating a trauma sensitive school, etc.

Step Six: Follow-up and Maintenance

Once we have completed your assessments, action plan, and intensive training, we are always available to our partners for ongoing support. We will ask you to complete the data collections annually to be able to continue to review ongoing progress as well as adapt target areas and goals.