Teenage Students Raising Hands

School mental health can feel confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be...

People tend to confuse school mental health as another initiative when, in reality, it is a foundational piece of education needed for students to effectively learn just like food, shelter, and clothing.


Each year Dr. Jennifer Ulie-Wells trains thousands of educators, young people, families, and community providers on a variety of school mental health (SMH) topics.


Jennifer Ulie-Wells, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director of Please Pass the Love

“Jen’s presentations are authentic, passionate, and enjoyable as they come. The balance of facts, real-life experiences, and tasteful humor keep audiences engaged from start to finish.


Cold-hard-fact - she held 200+ teachers attention for the last hour of a full 8 hour professional development day. This can only be done by a masterful presenter.“

  - Kelly Simon
   Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment


•    School Mental Health Literacy
•    Suicide Prevention
•    ACES & Trauma-Sensitive Schools
•    Racial/Cultural Trauma
•    Intentional Relationship Building
•    Educator Self-Care
•    Multi-tiered Systems of Support and School Mental Health

•    Interconnected Systems Framework

Speaker Fees

0-4 hours: $1500 plus travel expenses
4.1-8 hours: $3000 plus travel expenses

Out of state training $5000 per day plus
travel expenses

For more information on starting your journey with school mental health email us at info@pleasepassthelove.org.