School mental health can feel confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to...

People tend to confuse school mental health as another initiative when, in reality, it is a foundational piece of education needed for students to effectively learn just like food, shelter, and clothing.


Each year Dr. Jennifer Ulie-Wells trains thousands of educators, young people, families, and community providers on a variety of school mental health (SMH) topics.

Jennifer Ulie-Wells, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director of Please Pass the Love

“Jen’s presentations are authentic, passionate, and enjoyable as they come. The balance of facts, real-life experiences, and tasteful humor keep audiences engaged from start to finish.


Cold-hard-fact - she held 200+ teachers attention for the last hour of a full 8 hour professional development day. This can only be done by a masterful presenter.“

  - Kelly Simon
   Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment


•    School Mental Health Literacy
•    Suicide Prevention
•    ACES & Trauma-Sensitive Schools
•    Racial/Cultural Trauma
•    Intentional Relationship Building
•    Educator Self-Care
•    Multi-tiered Systems of Support and            School Mental Health

•    Interconnected Systems Framework

Speaker Fees

0-4 hours: $1500 plus travel expenses
4.1-8 hours: $3000 plus travel expenses

Out of state training $5000 per day plus
travel expenses

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