Stomp Out Stigma

SOS (Stomp Out Stigma) is a youth led program that empowers young people to become leaders in middle schools and high schools across the state.. We give them the tools to make effective changes and become mental health ambassadors. We believe in the power of youth voice.


The mission behind S.O.S is to bring light to issues around student life at school so students can effectively make changes in their school climate. Students will work on a variety of self-care, leadership, self-expression, and relationship building activities as well as working on group projects to promote mental health awareness.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people in our state and country. We simply have to be doing more. SOS groups work hard to let everyone know that it's okay to not be okay. No one should have to struggle in silence or struggle alone. If you want to see real change at your school, consider starting a group today! Available for any middle school or high school in the state of Iowa.

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All you have do to is click on the check list below and it will walk you through starting your group! We are here to help you!

Because you want to make your school better and you see a need for more mental health supports. You know that your school has the potential to be the best it can be for every student and you want to be a part of making that change. Because mental health isn’t talked about enough and you want to let your peers know that it’s okay if they struggle.

Why should you start a group at your school?

How can you start your group?

Project Ideas for Groups

self care kit

Make self care kits for students to use during Spring break or Summer break.

Ottumwa SOS

Do leadership activities as a group.

Ottumwa SOS 2

Paint murals on bathroom stalls.


Bring in a guest speaker to talk about mental health to students.

Resource Posters

Create resource posters to hang around your school.

Create Art

Work on art together!

Spread awareness

Plan an awareness event at your school.

Listen to music

Play music in the hallways during passing time!

how to help a friend struggling

Hang up mental health awareness posters around the school.

Build relationships

Do relationship building activities with your group.

Spread Kindness

Decorate kindness cards to be given out to people at your school.

Nominate a Student of the Week

Implement a student of the week that recognizes students who aren’t always athletes.

Paint Murals On Bathroom Stalls

Paint murals on bathroom stalls.

Advisors please watch this video for an introduction to SOS.

For more information on your first Stomp Out Stigma meetings and a checklist to get started, download the Advisor Packet!

Don't forget that Please Pass the Love's staff is here to help! Reach out if you'd like staff at your Stomp Out Stigma meeting, extra support and information, or resources. 

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