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PPTL Teen Mental Health Modules 

At Please Pass the Love, we understand the dire need for more mental healthcare workers in order to meet the diverse and intersectional needs of Iowa youth. Because of this, PPTL has partnered with the Office of Latino Affairs and AEA Online Learning to create two online modules for high school students. Our goal for this pilot program is to increase access to mental health resources for high school students, as well as careers in the mental health field.

These modules are designed to be one hour long and completed asynchronously. The purpose of this project is for all high school students to get the same evidence-based information to better understand their own mental health, as well as what is possible in the mental health field. For now, we are starting small in a pilot stage, and hope to launch the program in 2023.


This pilot program is not a substitute for mental health or medical treatment.

Mental Health Basics

Explores the science behind mental health and how it affects our lives

Mental Health Disorders and Treatment

Brain Science

Coping Skills

Teen Stress

How to Help Friends

Careers in mental Health

Explores various professions within the mental health field

Degree-Seeking vs. Non-Degree Seeking Careers

Important Skills and Traits

Career Timelines

Career Exploration

Young PErson

Interested in participating in the pilot and take the modules?

Teachers & Facilitators

Are you an adult interested in exploring the modules?

Interested in using these modules in your group, class, program, etc? 


These modules would not have been created without the contributions of many individuals involved in the development of this program. We are grateful to work with all of these wonderful people.

Ace Christiani | Student | Walnut Creek Campus

Amanda Khader | School Psychologist | Heartland AEA

Angelisa Fynaardt | Director of Special Education | Great Praire AEA

Dorothy Landon | School Psychologist | Heartland AEA

Estrella Tello-Price | Student | Bondurant-Farrar High School

Kathy Utterback | Social Worker | Great Praire AEA

Kolby Streeby | Youth Counselor & SOS Advisor | Ottumwa High School

Megan Curry | School Counselor | Waukee High School

Nicole Taylor | Social Emotional Behavioral health Lead | Heartland AEA

Rob Brookhart | Instructional Designer | Iowa AEA Online Learning

Shelli Blazic | Social Worker | Great Praire AEA

Sonia Reyes | Executive Officer | Office of Latino Affairs

Sunnycho Teeling | LMCH and Adjunct Professor | Interconnected Journey and University of Iowa