With a new and unknown school year, we are now offering a variety of free workshops for students. These can be held virtually until it is determined it is safe for us to come into schools. We are offering these for schools, sports teams, or any groups that work with students (Churches, Clubs, After School Programs, etc). These are available to Middle School, High School, and College students.

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These workshops are sponsored by Farm Bureau Financial Services and would not be possible without their amazing support. Thank you!

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Treat Yo'Self

This interactive and fun session will provide students with the tools needed to build healthy coping skills and incorporate self-care into their lives. We will provide interactive, hand on activities that will encourage students to go home and add self-care and healthy coping skills to their daily routine.


It's OKAY To Not Be OKAY

Being a young person is hard. We know the world expects a lot out of you. This session will go over the basics of mental health and teen stress. Students will learn about mental health statistics, a general overview of healthy coping skills, warning signs, education on suicide, teen stress, and how to help a friend who is struggling. 


Story Time

This session will teach students how to use their amazing voices to transform their schools into a supportive and safe environment for everyone! Students will do interactive and hands on activities that help them share their story and break the stigma attached to mental health. We want to empower young people so that they feel safe and comfortable using their voice.

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For more information or to schedule a workshop, email our Director of Youth Enagagement, Gabby Guerra