PLEASE PASS THE LOVE is committed to increasing school mental health (SMH) supports to improve the quality of life

and educational opportunities for children, families, and educators as well as offer culturally responsive comprehensive

services and evidence-based supports to school systems. We strive to bridge positive relationships between the educational

and mental health communities to more effectively prevent and address mental health issues for our children

and adolescents throughout the state of Iowa.

We believe school mental health needs to be comprehensive in order to address the complex and varied needs.  Everything we do revolves around students, staff, families and community, because we know that effective school mental health is not one training or event. It is a climate transformation that benefits everyone. 

We are here for you, for your family, for your school and your community.

Please let us know how we can help you.


Dr. Jennifer Ulie-Wells, Executive Director

Jennifer finished from Iowa State University in Education with certifications in mental health and social justice.

Tyler Coe, Attorney at Whitfield & Eddy Law Firm

Tyler is known for his approachable demeanor and awareness of the many factors that come into play in each case.

Tracey Clavell, Board Secretary, Director, Annuity Product Marketing Principal Financial

Tracey is a Marketing Director in the Retirement and Income Solutions division at Principal and has been in the marketing field for over 25 years.

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