Our Amazing Youth Leaders

By youth and for youth! Check out our amazing leaders for this year's summit. They were trained as leaders at the first annual youth summit and are ready to return and share their time and talent!

Miya Davis

Miya is a freshman at Drake University working towards a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She grew up in rural Iowa where in high school she participated in theater and choir.  She became a part of Please Pass the Love through their sub-group Teens for L.O.V.E. In April of 2018, Miya attended the Youth Summit hosted at Camp Sacagewea. This is an experience she says helped change her life and made her realize what she wants to do with her life. Miya hopes to help change the mental health stigma in schools all across Iowa and to make them a safer place for those who do suffer with mental health. This is a topic near and dear to her heart. She also hopes to help bring the voice of the younger generation into the boardroom with her new role as a youth member. Most of all she wants to be able to share her story and inspire others as others have done for her.  In her free time, Miya enjoys reading books, listening to music, and eating Indian food. She also enjoys drinking way too much coffee/tea, ranting about anime, and talking about her black cat, Pablo.

Jenna Hardenbrook

Hello friends! My name is Jenna Hardenbrook and I am currently a senior at Earlham High School. Some of my hobbies include drawing and dancing! At my high school, I have established a student based support group called Students Support Students. It's a wonderful group based on supporting mental health and raising awareness about mental health and the LGBTQ community. Showing others love and support is very important to me. I plan to attend DMACC and The University of Iowa to major in human services and psychology. Go out into the world and shine like the star you are!

Bridget Hughes

I'm Bridget Hughes and I’m a senior at Earlham high school. I plan on going to Creighton next year. I’m also training a service dog through the Puppy Jake foundation! Mental health is really important to me because you be never know what’s going through someone’s head, and that someone could be a loved one of yours. The Youth Summit has been so important to me and helped change my life.

Sarah Hyatt

I am a junior at Melcher-Dallas High School. I first got involved with Please Pass the Love when I attended their leadership summit where I learned crucial things about mental health and school climate change. Since then, I have started working with my student council group to implement some amazing things I learned from the summit. At school, I am also involved in speech, band, thespians, battle of the books, dance, cheer, and track.

Garrett Moore

My name is Garrett Moore. I am 16 years old and a sophomore at Earlham High school. I love playing sports, specifically basketball, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

Jaelyn Nielson

Jaelyn is a sophomore student. She moved from Grand Island, Nebraska in 2015 and quickly got involved in school activities such as show choir and band. In Nebraska, she was involved in volleyball, softball, horseback riding, and church. Jaelyn is well known for taking on leadership roles in her school in Theatre Arts and community outreach as well as being a Teens For LOVE leader. She has a passion for human and animal sciences and is a non-voting youth member on Please Pass The Love's board! She is very creative as she does art and writes poems, books, and stories in her free time.

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