Youth Programming

Are you a high school student interested in becoming a better leader? Check out our weekend-long, FREE summit where you'll explore communication, expression, and develop your leadership skills! (Did we mention it's FREE?)

The summit will cover topics like mental illness, coping skills, intersectionality, and how to work with administration and teachers so students can create sustainable change in their school's climate and mental health.

At Please Pass the Love, we believe in the power of the youth voice! That's why we created Stomp Out Stigma. As a young person, you have the ability to make effective and lasting changes in your school. We work with you to help develop and build leadership skills needed to create a school climate that is welcoming to everyone. Our goal is for every student to walk through their school doors feeling loved, safe, empowered, and supported. YOU are the key to making those changes. 

The Youth Advisory Board was created in 2019 with the hopes of getting more input from youth across our state. This was created to  offer insight, ideas, and collaborate with Please Pass the Love to determine the strategic direction of our youth programming.  Our board is compromised of amazing youth from

across our state. We know that they are

our future and they have a powerful

voice that needs to be heard! Meet our Youth Advisory Board members!

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