Youth Advisory Board

What is it?

The Youth Advisory Board was created in 2019 to give young people an opportunity to have a stronger voice about youth mental health in Iowa. Youth Advisory Board members assess youth mental health needs, develop action projects and advise Please Pass the Love on youth programming.  Our board is compromised of amazing youth from across our state. 

The board meets virtually once a month, August-May. They work on a variety of projects throughout the year in order to increase mental health supports for young people across our state. 

Meet the 2021-22 Board

Claudia Gay

 Hello! My name is Claudia Gay. I am 17 years old and will be a senior at George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I participate in swimming, triathlons, mock trial and policy debate. I enjoy learning languages and currently am studying Japanese and American Sign Language. I also like playing music and am in band, orchestra, and jazz band. I am excited to see what the board can accomplish! Mental health matters to me because I have seen the affects of it first hand in my classmates and they dont get the support they need. After high school I plan to attend college with a goal of attaining a law degree. 

Estrella Tello Price
Estrella - Personality.jpg

Hello, let me introduce myself!

My name is Estrella Tello-Price. I am a 15 year old Hispanic/Caucasian 10 th grader of Bondurant-Farrar. I am involved in soccer for the High School and the Community. I enjoy drawing and hanging out with my family in my free time.

I found out about Please Pass the Love through a really good friend of mine, which led me to join.

Mental Health is important to me because I have struggled with my Mental Health. Trying to talk to someone as a teenager is really hard because a lot of the time adults will say things like: “your to young to know what that is” or “you’re just a teenager”. I have watched people I love get into bad habits and bad relationships because of how they feel. Teachers and students need to gain insight and know that it is okay to talk about it. Schools need more resources to be able to help students that are struggling with their Mental Health. I feel that with many voices advocating for Mental Health we can STOMP OUT the stigma around it!

Lilli Hintzsche
Lilli Hintzsche.jpg

My name is Lilli Hintzsche and I use she/her pronouns. I am a senior at North Polk High School. I am very envolver in my school and participate in volleyball, basketball, track, softball, student council, principals council, key club, ffa, fca, and sos. Mental health matters to me because I feel that no one should have to suffer alone. There should be a way that people can get the help they need without being shamed for it.

Margo Green
Margo Green.HEIC

My name is Margo Green, my pronouns are they/them/ze/zem. I am currently in 10th grade at Roosevelt High school. I have worked in my schools Best Buddies program, Special Olympics, Roosevelt Core and Mock Trial. I love doing art and you can find some of my work at the Shops at Roosevelt!. Outside of school I participate in Movement 515, paint murals on my walls at home, and go on bike rides. I learned about Please Pass the Love from a friend, and I'm really looking forward to being a part of something bigger and better than just working alone. At Roosevelt I've worked with the old, and new principals on making our school a safe place, by educating administrators and teachers, head on. Mental health is very important to me, as a transgender AFAB ( assigned female at birth ) who now has to fight daily just to be gendered correctly, I know that students need a safe place, and it starts by focusing on Mental health. I'm not sure what the future holds for me, but I hope to pursue something in the art field. My goal is to help people like myself and others, with a different perspective on being gay, trans, neurodivergent, and mentally ill in schools. 

Mari Mineck
Mari Mineck.jpg

Hello! My name is Mari Mineck and this year I’m a junior at Waukee High School. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I found out about Please Pass the Love through school and uVoice, another youth advisory board I’m part of. Besides these, I spend my time playing trumpet in jazz band, marching band, and orchestra, playing tennis, and coaching synchronized swimming! Mental health has become increasingly important to me the past few years as I’ve struggled more with it. Struggling to explain my experiences and reach out for help (and seeing others do the same) made me want to help change the culture surrounding mental health in our schools and community and create a safe environment for teenagers to express themselves! I know together we can make a difference and destroy the stigma!

Sydney Mast
Sydney Mast YAB.jpg

Hello! My name is Sydney Mast and I use the pronouns she/her/hers. I am a senior at North Polk High School and I am involved in swimming, cheerleading, student council, speech, theatre, play, band, choir, and an IASC district officer. Mental health matters to me because me and so many other struggle with mental health, and it isn’t just one race, sexuality, or age group. Poor mental health has become an epidemic among teens and they don’t know how to get help. A world where everyone has access to mental health resources would make life better for so many people.